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What do you love most about your toddler or preschooler?  Is it watching them experience our world for the first time?  Is it their boundless energy, curiosity, and persistence?  Or is it the look on their face during that magical moment when they accomplish something on their own for the very first time?

The Montessori method values, fosters, and respects each of these natural toddler tendencies.  As an educator and mom myself, I have never found a pedagogical style more in tune with a  child’s innate mode of learning and discovery than Montessori.

This month, in addition to my regular Montessori Inspired Activity posts, I will also be posting a series on the Montessori Method.  Before I start, however, I want to ask you- What’s your favorite part of Montessori?

For me, it is definitely the child-centered, child-led nature that permeates all of Maria Montessori’s writings.  It is something I definitely need to work on more, but I love observing my Little go about her day, listen to her self-chatter, and then design specific activities based in Montessori to reach her at today’s exact and unique needs and interests.

What do you love most about your Little?  What Montessori approach most speaks to you as a parent, an educator, or both???


3 thoughts on “The Montessori Method

  1. What speaks to me most about Montessori is the understanding that each child is completely unique. As an educator, this was important in meeting each child’s own needs and seeing the class as individuals rather tag as a collective group. As a mother, this helps me to not compare my children’s milestones with others — one of the most difficult parts of parenting!


  2. I love that the method helps develop a natural love of learning. The learning style leverages a child’s natural curiosity, lets them choose what they want to spend their time doing and is fun for the child and not “work”.

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